Bangkok: A Young Traveller’s Guide

Bangkok is an distinctive, pleasant, and beautiful metropolis in southern Thailand. It is the capital of Thailand, it has over eight million people and it is the cultural center of the united states. It’s a place of outrageous nightlife and exquisite temples, of delicious meals and sweltering warmness, of crowded streets and big markets. There isn’t any lack of factors to see and do in the metropolis, however there are also many travel pointers to preserve in thoughts at the same time as journeying via Bangkok as properly Blog about Law Food and Travel.

Some Basics

Thai is the principle language spoken in Bangkok, but due to the booming tourist industry, many human beings talk English (analyze some Thai phrases, although- the attempt might be favored).

The unit of currency is the Baht (THB), regularly misspelled “Bath” on the road. One US dollar is set 31 Baht. Prices are very less expensive in Thailand making Thailand a primary hotspot for Western travelers. You do not must tip for offerings or at eating places like in lots of different international locations, but it’s miles virtually favored.

There are some cultural taboos and legal guidelines that you ought to take critically while traveling anywhere in Thailand:

When traveling a Buddhist temple, get dressed conservatively and get rid of your footwear upon getting into. Do no longer take photos if every body is meditating or at some point of ritual, with out prior permission.

Touching every other character’s head (even a baby’s head) is a spiritual affront and must now not be accomplished. Touching another man or woman’s foot is remember an impure act and need to now not be averted. Pointing to something with your foot is also not accomplished.

Females ought to by no means touch a Theravada monk, but monks regularly contact lay guys, or even females if the lay girl is very ill.

Never interact in public displays of affection.

The King of Thailand is held in reverence by using the Thais. The King is legally “inviolable” and it is a prison offense to mention or do anything that would in any manner be interpreted as “disrespectful.” This is a extreme count number. A violation may also get you arrested and positioned in prison. This is no shaggy dog story.
Food and Water

Food and water protection is any other essential trouble here. Don’t drink the faucet water in your inn or in restaurants, and never use ice cubes. Drink most effective bottled water. Don’t devour street food that would damage in the warmth. Although Thai delicacies is delicious and there are road carriers almost everywhere, you do not need to spend some time in Bangkok unwell from this food.

The Streets

The visitors in Bangkok is overwhelming- it is extraordinarily congested, or even crossing the street is risky! Due to the huge population, there are many alternatives for transportation: the Metro, the SkyTrain, the boat network, the buses, taxis, and tuk-tuks.

Although the three-wheeled, motorized tuk-tuks are not the maximum price-effective way of having across the town (agree on a rate earlier than moving into-every so often you could move for extremely reasonably-priced!), they’re the sort of massive part of Bangkok that it’s really worth simply using in a single at the least as soon as!

Sex for Sale

Bangkok has a flourishing and over-lively sex exchange enterprise, both immediately and homosexual. Many woman and male prostitutes are HIV tremendous. A sure percentage of site visitors come to Thailand to fulfill their sexual goals and fantasies. So, be aware that especially male site visitors to Thailand will be propositioned rather aggressively as you land at the airport, and within the purple districts in Bangkok. Just be firm in pronouncing “no”, and guys, try no longer to look involved or the income pitches will become extra aggressive and demanding.

Temples and Palaces

Bangkok is thought for its abundance of temples and palaces. These consist of:

The Grand Palace is possibly the most wonderful. This large residence of the King is made of many buildings-every extra beautiful than the following. It can take hours to explore, and it’s certainly worth the 400 Baht (about $thirteen US) admission fee.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Phra Kaew, is a countrywide monument and a have to-see here-it changed into one of the most memorable points of interest from my time in Bangkok. You need to get dressed very conservatively on the way to enter, so plan in advance.

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho, positioned close to to the Grand Palace, is every other temple that’s extremely memorable. It’s domestic to lovely gardens, sculptures, and a golden statue of Buddha it is over one hundred fifty feet long. Entrance is reasonably-priced (20 Baht, approximately 60 US cents), and positioned here’s a well-known Thai rubdown school which could get you an hour-lengthy rubdown for just 200 Baht (about $6.50)!

The Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun, is some other incredible temple to look. It is placed on the Chao Phraya River and it is known for its high colorful spires and Ordinance Hall. For simply 50 Baht ($1.60 US), this enchantment presents lovely perspectives of the river and offers superb insight into Buddhism.


Bangkok has an outstanding variety of markets, and they’re the suitable places to shop for Thai clothing, meals, and crafts. You can find a few quite notable prices, but be prepared to haggle- you can nearly continually bargain for a inexpensive rate! But don’t be afraid to walk away if you think you’re getting ripped off.

Be cautious of personal assets inside the markets. There are lurking pickpockets.

If you’re in the city on a weekend, visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which has lots of stalls that offer the whole lot you could likely imagine. Although it’s crowded (attempt going within the morning before it receives too warm), it’s really worth a trip to simply experience some thing so large in size and so rich in Thai tradition.

Another truely thrilling marketplace is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Vendors are all in small boats and they mostly promote culmination and greens. You have the choice of status on land or renting a small boat as well. Although that is rather touristy, there are not many different places inside the global which have floating markets!


If you select somewhere much less crowded, Bangkok has many museums which might be interesting and appealing. There are two that I in particular suggest:

The National Museum is a lovely constructing with a massive collection of Thai art and structure.

The Jim Thompson House is a rather large compound that houses artwork, antiques, and an thrilling combination of each Thai and European indoors design.


If you are seeking out some certainly precise nightlife, there are two spots in Bangkok in order to go away a completely lasting affect.

Soi Cowboy is the metropolis’s very traveller-heavy sex district- it’s a avenue complete of fluorescent lighting and cross-pass bars.

Khao San Road, meanwhile, changed into the best region I went to in Bangkok. While there are lots of clubs and cheap bars (mobile bars are actually famous right here too), there also are Thai restaurants, Western fast-meals chains, cafes, avenue providers and performers, and people from all around the global having amusing and taking part in the metropolis. It’s an area where Thailand meets the West, and this blend of such a lot of cultures makes Khao San Road an thrilling area.

Bangkok is a fast-paced metropolis without a lack of things to peer and do. Although it could be pretty hot and crowded, its awesome palaces, museums, and temples, energetic nightlife, and strong experience of way of life make Bangkok one of the maximum a laugh and thrilling towns inside the world